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2010 Ford fusion brake caliper rear

2010 Ford Fusion 150,000 mi. 2.5 front wheel drive.
rear discs. Park brake is in caliper. Every time I’ve had to spin down the piston on other cars, I’ve had to turn fairly hard. This car: left rear turns in fairly hard but right side turns in extremely easy. The pads on the right side had significantly more wear. Is this a sign of a bad caliper? All slides were good and no fluid seepage. Kinda on a deadline. So if your not to busy I’d really appreciate some quick feedback. Thanks

It works the same as if you were to use a C-clamp to compress the piston. If it’s hard to compress the piston, the caliper is bad.

If it’s hard to rotate the piston back into the caliper, the caliper is bad.


I think my confusion is that on the few of these things that I have done I have always had them turn in with just a little bit of torque. This is the first time I’ve seen one where there is hardly any torque to turn. If I had a screwdriver on the end I could turn it in easily. Maybe I’ll take it back off and double check for oil under the boot and reassemble and have someone apply brakes while I try and turn

Thank you @Tester I checked brake fluid and it was lower than it should have been. I know because I service this vehicle. Double checked piston and it’s definitely leaking. Time for new caliper. My only confusion now is I wonder how a leaking piston can cause excellerated pad wear. Again thanks for the response.

The caliper on the left side is sticking. That means the one on the right side is getting all the wear.