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2010 Ford Ranger - Expected problems

Dear Car Talk, I bought a used 2010 Ford Ranger, single cab, in
Sept. 2017. It’s a good driving truck with lots of power, low mileage with
a 4 cylinder engine. My problem is I have been reading the Ranger 2010
AND STABILITY ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM. Which freaks me out. The Differential
has a traction control system (TCS), which functions to help avoid
drive-wheel spin and loss of traction. Electronic stability control,
(ESC), which functions to help avoid skids or lateral slides. Roll
Stability Control (RSC), which functions to help avoid a vehicle roll-over.
These system uses automatic on-off braking of back wheels and
automatic control of the motor speed. Five pages of about driving the
Ranger in automatic control condition. If you experience any problems
take to ford dealer.
What I would like to know if anyone has experience any problems with
the 2010 Ford Ranger and at what mileage and cost of repairs? Richard

Why did you write a treatise on the Ranger’s stability control and then ask this question?

Read the link below. It shows very FEW reported problems from owners.

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None of that stuff was really cutting edge in 2010. You should chill.