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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Wrench symbol

the wrench symbol popped up on my '10 Fusion Hybrid. The dealership decided it wasn’t a drive-train problem as the manual shows. Instead, they replaced the electric cooling pump ($764.00), but now the “high Motor Temperature” symbol shows up when I first start the car, and I’ve had 1 incident when the “stop safely now” symbol showed up on my car after the pump was installed. Any idea whats really wrong with my car?

Sounds like you have a dealer failure. But I would call a bad cooling pump part of the drive train, that’s a very general term. Do you have another Ford dealer you could try?

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yes, but the current dealership is now on a quest to determine the problem…I thought Ford Motor Company had a central resource where their employees could get help on such technical problems they can’t solve at the local dealership - if not, they ought to consider it since cars today are more computer than mechanical.