2010 Ford Fiesta - trouble pumping tyre

I got a new tyre on my car, still needed a bit more air so went to top it up at petrol station but the machine says the psi is 1 when it isn’t. The tyre won’t pump up and just goes flat when i try to.

Why did you not just return to the tire shop and why do you think it needed more air ? If it is flat then you need to put the spare on or call the tire shop for road side service.

It was clear that the tyre was a bit light and uneven with the other front tyre. It went flat and i took it back and they put another one on. However still having problems pumping the tyre up, which wasn’t happening on the old tyre.

Thank you, Andrew Harrison.

Could be a valve stem problem. Take it back to the tire dealer explain the problem. Ask them if you could demonstrate the problem. If you are using the same gas station for air, maybe it’s the gas stations air pump.