2010 Ford F-150 - Tire warranty

Recently I replaced the tires on my 2010 Ford F-150 truck with the original tires (Hankook Dynapro) provided on the truck when new. In looking over the paper work from the tire dealer I couldn’t find anything about tire mileage warranty. I called them and they said this tire has a 0 miles warranty. Finding this hard to believe, I contacted Hankook and they confirmed there is no warranty with this tire! I inquired why ( is there a design flaw, etc), but they wouldn’t answer that question.
My question(s): is this normal, do tire manufacturers routinely sell tires with no warranty? Any knowledge of a design,etc, problem with this tire, should I trash these tires and replace them? etc

Thanks, Ralph

Just use them until they wear out.

I just looked at the Hankook web site and the Dynapro has 3 different tires for light trucks. One does have a 60000 mile warranty but the other two don’t . Reading the specs they seem fine so drive on.

My late brother had a Hankook dealership for a number of years. He had very few complaints from either car owners or truck owners who were mostly farmers.

OEM tires and some aftermarket tires don’t have mileage warranty. It’s not that uncommon. The OEM P-Zeros that came on my Mustang had no treadwear warranty at all. And some max performance summer tires like the Contisport Contact 5 and Potenza RE070’s have no treadwear warranty as well. For trucks, the more aggressive off-road tires like the BFG Mud Terrains and the Wrangler A/T’s don’t have treadwear warranties either.

I am incredulous that tires sold on new vehicles today don’t have any warranty at all. I looked in the glove compartment of my 94 Sundance, 95 Caravan, and 04 Corolla to see what the original tire warranties were.

The Sundance and Caravan came with Goodyear tires, which had a free replacement for the first 1/5 of usable treadlife or pro-rated thereafter up to 5 years from when the tire was put into service. The Corolla came with Bridgestone/Firestone tires, which had a free replacement for the first 3/32 of usable treadlife or pro-rated thereafter for up to 6 years from the date of manufacture.

BTW, I had Hankook tires on my Corolla, those were what I bought when the OEM tires wore out. They were decent tires, and I just replaced them earlier this year since the tread was used up and they were 9 years old.

To clear up some misconceptions:

OE tires - that ones that come on new cars - do NOT have a mileage warranty (with a few exceptions). That’s because the CAR MANUFACTURERS specify the performance of the tires on their cars and fuel economy is the primary consideration (wear is NOT!) OE tires DO come with a “Materials and Workmanship” warranty that covers such items as appearance and structural integrity (but not road hazards). Besides, the car manufacturers buy tires WITHOUT mileage warranties to save money.

SOME tires in the aftermarket don’t have mileage warranties either, but those are usually because they are OE downstreams - tires that are usually shipped to the car manufacturer, but are diverted to the retail market.

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I have never seen any OE tires with a mileage warranty. There may well be some, but none of the new cars that I have bought ever came with that type of tire warranty.