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2010 Cobalt Fuel Line Question

Just dropped off my daughter’s 2010 Cobalt at the mechanic after discovering a leak in the fuel line. The line rusted out at an attachment. He’s ordering both the feed and return lines from the dealer, he will not attempt to patch the line (I agree with him). I noticed the aftermarket fuel lines were in 3 to 4 sections each and the AC Delco (OEM) lines are 1 piece. Are the aftermarket lines in sections to make it easier for the weekend mechanic to install them?

Ed B.

More likely they are easier to ship.

They are in 2 pieces to make it easier for EVERYone to install them. And ship them as @jtsanders says.

Had the same problem with my Avalanche fuel lines. The hard lines coming out of the pump rusted away as well. A new fuel pump solved that. Keep any eye on that with your Cobalt.

My mechanic had the afternoon open and the dealer had the parts (2 fuel lines and a fuel filter for ~$330). Evidently this is common problem for Cobalts of this vintage. Four hours of labor later and the car was done. First big repair in 9.5 years so I can’t complain.

Just noticed the inspection expired last March (emissions only) but that’s a story for another day. Luckily, the Inspection Station is open on Saturday.

Ed B.

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