2010 Chrysler 300 back end rattle

There’s a rattle from the back end that will not be found. I think it’s a suspension thing, but my mechanic doesn’t see anything wrong. It’s driving me nuts!

Remove everything from the trunk, including the spare tire and jack. And look in any small recess in the trunck area (like where the top of the rear strut attaches) you can find for something that got in that recess, like a golf ball. Do all that first before presuming it is a suspension problem.

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Agreed with George. A few years ago my Lincoln developed a rattle due to the beyond lousy roads here and it was the lug wrench being shaken loose.

I rode with my mother once and heard a a light thump each time she slowed down.

It turned out to be a can of food that had rolled out of a grocery bag that she never missed.
It would roll back under the seat back against the carpet when she started off, and it would roll forward and against the metal seat frame when she slowed down.
I heard it do it at least six times and had her stop the car. That was an easy fix, stand the can up.