2010 Chevy Cobalt engine surges

When Ideling or at low speeds my engine has been surgeing. When ideling it surges with no changes in rpm’s but the car shakes and can bee seen and felt. When at low speeds I also get a surge but the rpms will jump up and down. If I drive with the A/C on it cuts the surgeing down significantly. I had a friend of mine read out the check engine light codes. The are P0010- CAM POS Actuator malfunction, P0011 Cam pos actuator over retarded, C0300 random misfire,C0700 transmission control malfunction. I $600 inlabor alone and I can NOT afford that…not even close. I looked some things up online and they were saying to replace some cam shaft sensors and etc. Anyone have any advice or suggestions??? Please help.

Well, if a problem is showing with the cam actuator then more than likely there is no cheap miracle cure that will cure the problem.

You might think back on how diligent you’ve been with oil changes. Quite often, these get delayed, wrong type of oil used, etc, etc and that can cause problems with the cam actuators due to oil sludging or coking, etc as the actuators are dependent upon engine oil pressure.

If this is an oil sludge related issue you could try adding a can of SeaFoam or Berryman B-12 to the engine oil and saying a silent prayer asking that it help. At least that methodogy is cheap, easy, and worth a shot while hurting nothing in the process. Best of luck.