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1990 Toyota Camry Idle issues

Recently my wife 90 Camry began having erratic idle issue. After maybe 5min of driving the cars idle will surge on decelleration and at stoplights or while in park it will surge or idle very high.

Ive tried to check for vac leaks with no success any other suggestions?

Possible leaking EGR valve; clogged air filter; Leaking head gasket.

Maybe a faulty Idle Air Control motor.

What’s the mileage? Timing belt change time?

Worn camshaft lobes, burned valves or otherwise leaking, perhaps a faulty ignition system or dirty fuel injectors or pump.

Since your vehicle has an OBDI engine management system, when the engine starts doing this, unplug the connector to Idle Air Control/Air By-Pass motor on the throttle body. The IAC/ABP motor should go to a default position where the engine idle is steady. If this is what happens, replace the IAC/ABP motor.


I’m having this surge problem with my 2003 Toyota Corolla - high idle, then surging/pulsating idle in temperatures below 45F. What was the solution with the 1990 Camry?