Contrary 1992 Bonneville

The “check engine light” comes on during acceleration and goes off when cruising or deceleration. The car runs great…except, when it first reaches operating temperature and then I slow down close to idle the engine surges and may die. After that little episode it might still idle just a little rough but otherwise runs good. It seems to have good power and doesn’t bog down or miss when accelerating.

I’ve checked & cleaned the PCV, replaced the vac hoses I could find, had the Catalytic Converter checked, fuel pump pressure’s okay, and I am running injector cleaner with the gas.

I know it’s a little thing but it sure is driving me crazy!

I will appreciate your help. Thanks for any suggestions you might offer.


Have you checked for computer codes?


Great question. I did and forgot to mention it. Code 44 (lean?)Thanks.

Update: The problem turned out to be the cam sensor magnet.

I just want to update the last update. When I got the car back, I still had the surge problem even though the cam sensor and magnet were bad and were replaced. Someone mentioned that I should check the MAF. I took it apart and sprayed it with a MAF cleaner. Cleaning it actually improved the way the car ran. I also checked the resistance of the IAT sensor and it was “open”. Sorry for jumping on the “it’s fixed!” band wagon too soon.