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2009 Chevy Traverse

I have a 2009 Chevy Traverse that I had to pull over to the side of the road and then limp home. It sounds like it might be knocking but the sound came 100% out of no where. I preform regular oil changes and keep the oil level where it should be. It has 138000 miles on it. It is throwing the following codes, P0328, P0008, P0017, P0016. Last oil change was a few days before this started. Any ideas?

p0328 is a problem w/the knock sensor circuit, p0016 & 17 are a problem w/the variable valve timing function. p0008 is a problem w/the timing of the crankshaft referenced to the camshaft. I’m guessing you’re having a problem with the timing chain components. You’ve verified the oil level on the dipstick is ok, right? Suggest to avoid cranking the engine or attempting to start it until this is evaluated by a shop. Otherwise risking valve/piston damage.

Yes, double checked the oil level. And the sound coming from the engine was loud. It was loud at a high idle but went away as I got up to speed and then came back when I let go of the gas.

2009 was sort of right in the middle of when GM was having an assortment of problems and maybe this is related to that. The pro mechanics here know more about the issues of that 3.6L V6 engine, but I believe there’s been some problems with the timing chain & guide components, tsb # 11340B. There’s also been some problems with the piston rings on some of those engine, not gapped properly at time of manufacture. tsb # 25630. If you google those numbers you might find a copy posted on the web to read.