2010 Chevrolet Impala won’t start

i have a chevy impala 2010 and my boyfriend fixed the brakes over the weekend then came a problem i hit a rock in the front end of my car and after that it was to hard to move but it went and now it sat one day and the battery died on my and i jumped it and now it wont turn on compelety what could it be

Multiple possible problems.

First, What do you mean by ‘hard to move’?
Is it hard to steer?
Does it not accelerate?

Is your CEL on?
What condition is your battery in?
Have you looked under the hood for damage caused by the rock?
What did your boyfriend do to fix the brakes? But that has no bearing on you hitting a rock.
Has your boyfriend looked at the damage?

You might want to consider having it towed to an independent shop to assess the damage and diagnose the problem(s).

If you have Comprehensive and Collision insurance just call your insurance carrier and let them take care of this . Leave the part about the brake repair out of it.

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