2010 Chevrolet Corvette - Mods

What does a transmission tune mean? Also what are some simple mods to increase hp?

Good Grief , how much HP do you need ? And no nothing simple is going to be of much increase . And why not ask the shop that wants to do this transmission tune up what they plan to do . Now if it involves a fluid exchange you are over due for one .

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Depends on what type of transmission you have.

There is no such thing or Corvette would have done it at the factory.

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If you’re thinking cold air kits and cat back exhausts that will do very little for horsepower.
If you want noticeable gains it’s going to take a lot of money. This means cams, cylinder head work, and so on at the very least.

A transmission tune on a modern automatic may mean reprogramming the computer to alter the shift points a bit. If you’re taking about “custom tuning”. They can also alter the engine computer by advancing the timing, etc.

I vote supercharger for the performance mod. Some vettes were supercharged from the factory. I don’t know if that was true for 2010 or not. But it won’t be cheap.

I think even econobox’s these days have different transmission settings. Maybe one for performance, one for economy. I rented a 2019 Corolla a few weeks ago and it was in the econ setting the whole trip. The reason is b/c I could never figure how to change that setting. The economy setting won’t shift through the gears quite as quickly during a 0-60 freeway on-ramp acceleration. The performance setting will tend to keep the engine rpms higher, which is the point of the hp vs rpm curve where the higher engine power is located.

BTW I couldn’t figure out how to brighten/dim the headlights either. My solution to that was to not drive at night … lol …

You’re right, a 2010 Corvette may already have a “sport” transmission setting option. I noticed new (2015 and up, I think) F150’s have a “Sport” mode along with the obligatory tow/haul setting. Because everyone needs the option of driving their 4wd crew cab truck “sportingly” :thinking:

I believe you are in the wrong area of the internet. If you own a Corvette then there are many dedicated sites devoted to your vehicle. There are people on the site that know exactly what works and does not work for your model. Learn from their mistakes and successes and join a Vette club online

Any chance you are one of those people that didn’t even turn on the headlights/tail lights because the DRL were bright enough you thought the headlights were on?

I probably am that person, but I wasn’t driving at night so didn’t have that experience.

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RE F-150 ‘Sport Mode’, perhaps that is there as an alternate method of switching off the auto start/stop function?
I must say my 2013 F-150 4X4 handles very well.

It alters the transmission shift points. Makes the trans hold gears longer, basically. I’m not sure if the autostop is active during sport mode. There’s also a button on the dash to turn the autostop off.

I owned a 2013 4wd crew cab for about 17k miles. I never attempted to carve corners with it, though! “Sport mode” on a half ton truck just strikes me as odd…

Essential what the tow/haul mode does, who knows, must be Ford thought it would be something their buyers would like.

Most tow/haul modes lock out overdrive, maybe some other changes are made.

The Tow/Haul in my Chevy doesn’t lock out overdrive. It did raise shift points and shift pressure (kicks hard during shifts) and it widens the hysteresis allowed to unlock the convertor and downshifts so the trans doesn’t constantly lock and unlock the convertor or hunt for the right gear.

I suspect MPG’s would suffer if driven without the trailer but it feels so bad, I would never drive in Tow/Haul mode long enough to find out.

Yeah, I guess I was thinking back too many years. With the integrated computer controls on throttle, shift points, etc., etc., they have much finer controls than just locking out overdrive.