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2010 Chevrolet Corvette - Florida car cover

I recently purchased a 2010 Corvette GS convertible. I am curious if my Vette is better covered or uncovered in Florida. The Vette will have a cover on her for (4) months, in the heat and humidity of the summer. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Stewart

I would say covered.

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Covered if it kept outside. The heat will cook the interior (I live in Florida, BTW)

Doesn’t matter much at all if parked inside except to keep the dust off.

The Vette is garaged, same answer?

WOW, super fast response. Thank you very much.

Stewart R

I also strongly suggest you buy a Battery Tender, or similar trickle charger, to clip on the battery while you are away. It will keep the battery charged so you can start it when your return and prolong its life.

Yes, even in a garage. A lot of dirt can settle out in 4 months.

I have for both my previously Vetted, disconnected the battery and have never experienced a no start, always fired right up. Thank you for your comment.

Stewart R

Thank you very much

Stewart R