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2010 Chevrolet Colorado — GM Canada is no help!

My Truck has the 2.9L Engine and like several owners in the USA, both the timing chain and camshaft require repair. Why are Canadian Customers less valued than people in the USA? I researched the foregoing issues and for sure GM is fixing those problem for free in USA but, in Canada NOTHING! GM Canada never even responded to my request for help. Again it looks like Canadians are SOL.

You do have two more options. The first is to set up a meeting with the president of your dealership. Explain your situation and your feelings about your treatment. Failing resolution at this level, you have no choice but to contact the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP). It is an independent third party that presents a consumer’s case before the courts if necessary. The following excerpt is from its web site (

The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan is a program where disputes between consumers and vehicle manufacturers about alleged manufacturing defects or implementation of the manufacturers’ new vehicle warranty can be put before a neutral third party (arbitrator) for resolution.

Most of the time, cases don’t reach court. I can tell you from personal experience (because I guided a relative through this process) that before it got presented to the courts, a resolution was reached once the dealer found out that CAMVAP was involved.
Although this sounds intimidating, remember that car manufacturers provide a service as well as a sales outlet. If they want to keep you as a customer, they will bargain in good faith. At the very least, a three-way split of the service costs (between the dealer, General Motors and yourself) should be one of your options.