2006 Chevrolet Cobalt BCM trouble?

I have 06 chevy cobalt. When I open the doors the emergency lights go off & the locks lock & unlock themselves. It doesn’t do this every time. I’m wondering if maybe it’s the BCM, if I reset the BCM will I have to contact the dealer afterwards for my key to still work? Also the automatic lock button on the doors don’t work, idk if it’s related.

Go to the dealer for this. Electrical problems are tough to fix.

When you state that the emergency lights go “off”, I assume that you really mean that they went “on”, or that they activated. Is that correct? And, I am assuming that “emergency lights” is a reference to your 4-way flashers. Is that correct?

In any event, I suggest that you seek an auto electrical specialist in your area. There are not a whole lot of those shops, but they can be very helpful in situations like yours.