2010 Chevrolet Camaro - Question on caliper bolts

Are the bolts in the brake caliper a one time user do I need to get new ones.



No, they’re not one time use I bet @Tester meant…

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They are not one time use, but they do need to be cleaned and lubricated when the pads are changed. Sometimes the rubber seals need to be replaced. If you get a hardware kit with the new pads, it will have all the parts needed to make the brakes almost like nes, including the new seals. It’s cheap insurance for a brake job.


The service manual states;

“Install new disc brake caliper bracket bolts anytime the bolts are removed”.
But most people do not, I have about 50 pounds of used brake caliper bolts at home that I will add to my scrap metal load for my next trip to the scrap metal dealer.

It is unclear as to which bolts the OP is referring.

Could be caliper guide pins, could be bolts.

Exactly. @WilliamPatterson, can you clarify?

I’ve never replaced the bolts for brake calipers.

I’ve never replaced any of them on my cars either. Just clean them and grease with a silicone grease made for that purpose.