Broken caliper bolt

I broke a caliper bolt. Grinding for about 1/4 mile and tire locked up when pulling over on side of highway. Do i need to put on new caliper? Took old one off and it looks fine. Thanks.

if you can get the old bolt out and the hole is not damaged, oblong or cracked it should be ok. if you want to be on the safe side you can change it. also check the caliper mounting bracket for damage.

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If the caliper is undamaged then a new bolt should work fine. Why did the old bolt break?

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I was just going to ask that. there had to be a reason for it to happen. I never had one break.

I put on the caliper an out 8 months ago. It was my first. Maybe not enough torque or too much. I’m going to have my brother put it back on.

I would guess too loose rather than too tight.

Whether you can reuse any part depends on how it looks… and we can’t see it.

There are a bunch of caliper bolts, could you define which one broke? In most non-HP brakes, there are two bolts that hold the caliper brackets and there are two for the caliper to bracket that also double as the caliper pins, bushings, slide bolts etc. If you have HP brakes, there could be more.

Oh yeah, there is also the banjo bolt but I don’t think that is the one you are referring to.

I find what appear to be caliper-slide bolts along-side the road during my neighborhood walks. Not uncommon at all. Not as many as wheel weights, but quite a few.