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2007 Cadillac CTS transmission fluid leak

Transmission oil all over the ground and my car will not movein gear. What is the possible issue. Is their any one who can help me. Thank you.

I would say the only one who could help you would be someone who can fix the leak that is causing your transmission fluid to leak all over the ground. If you look at the bottom of your car’s radiator, you’ll see two metal lines about 3/8" in diameter running within 2-3" of the radiator. They are connected to the radiator by two short rubber hoses. I’ll bet lunch that one of those hoses is what is leaking. If I’m right, you will be getting off cheap. Replace the hose, refill the transmission to the proper level with the correct fluid, and keep driving the Caddy. And for heaven’s sake, stop trying to drive it until the above measures are completed.