2010 Acura TSX paint job ought to be recalled

I have a 2010 Acura paint jobl on it should have a recall glad to see this I definitely need to have this matter asdressed

Glad to see what ? I guess you don’t understand what recalls are . Paint is not a recall item on a 11 year old vehicle . You can ask a dealer about help on the paint but don’t count on it.


No way no how.

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Recalls are for safety items. Paint is not a safety item.

What do you think this site is actually capable of providing for you?

Additionally, after 11 years of unknown conditions to which the car could have been exposed NO manufacturer is going to repaint a car for you unless you pay for it to be done.

The Bumper-to-Bumper warranty coverage was for the first 3 years, and after that time period elapses, car owners are on their own for paint problems–unless there was a widespread problem, such as with Toyota’s White Pearl paint.

No paint problems show up here, so your problem is more likely caused by something that happened to your car, not by something done by the factory:
2010 Acura TSX Problems, Defects & Complaints (carcomplaints.com)

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Toyota had a paint problem that affected my Corolla. They offered to repaint the car at their expense. I just lived w/it, thinking the problem I knew about is better than the problem I might get.

Acura and Honda have never had great paint. Orange peel has been my experience so on a new car I spend a few hours color sanding and polishing to flatten the finish. Horizontal surfaces are fine but vertical seem to suck. No problem with delamination though.