2006 Toyota Tacoma rim paint recall?

Is there a recall for my rims paint bubbling?

Are these the original rims that came with the car? not likely on a 2006, but you could certainly call the dealership and ask them

It’d be a first in my experience.
But hey, ask the dealer!

A recall is issued by the manufacturer when a condition occurs where it’s a safety issue.

Peeling clear-coat on wheels is not considered a safety issue.


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Plus it’s now 2018 and the car is a 2006, so 12 years later not likely. I’m sure they’d be happy to sell you new wheels though.

I own an early 70’s truck that lived in salted road country for a while so I’m well familiar with the bubbling paint problem. It’s a common symptom of underlying metal corrosion. As posted above, very unlikely to be a recall for that. Your local Toyota dealership could tell you for certain though.

I seem remember posts here about Toyota trucks from the 2000’s or 1990’s having a problem with the frame corroding, but not the wheels.

A Recall is not going to cover bubbling paint on wheels. As Tester mentioned, Recalls are related to safety issues.

Car makers could certainly adopt policies to cover things such as bubbling pain on wheels and which is likely related to environmental issues but a new 25k dollar car would be 40 grand at the time of purchase.

I remember someone complaining on this forum a few years ago about their 10 year old/200k miles Volvo dropping a transmission and they were upset that Volvo would not give them a new one.