2010 Acura TL AWD

32k miles All service records. Would this car, generally speaking, be a dependable, comfortable daily driver? Any areas of concern? Thanks

You have a Camaro conv, and an Avalon why even look at anything else ?

Like any used car, it should be thoroughly gone over by a trusted mechanic. Accuras generally reliable, but that 32k miles could have included allowing the engine to run out of oil, an accident or two, hitting a moose, or any other thing you can possibly imagine.

Hopefully, your mechanic will give it a clean bill of health. If so, it should be a reliable daily driver.


If the oil was only changed a couple of times I might be worried about that. The timing belt is also about 5 years old so that is going to be an upcoming expense assuming it hasn’t been done.

It’s also assumed the car doesn’t have a history of sitting while waiting for a severe collision repair; ergo, the low miles.

If the servicing has been done and it checks out, I’d be happy with that. My only concern would be the AWD. Don’t know how that was. We had an 08 and no problems at all. Traded it at about 50K for a 12. Liked the 08 size and style better. It was a pretty bullet proof car with the v6 and got close to 30 on the highway. It is sprung a little rigid though if you like a Buick ride.

I was asking for my colleague who is car shopping after Christmas. My dealer had traded for the Acura. Thank you for your input. I hadn’t thought about the age of the timing belt. Again, thank you