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2010 1 SS Camaro

I would like to know if anyone out there has fopund a suitable rim and tire to use as a sparefor the 2010 1 SS camaros. I know it has 20" rims but a figured a 20"and a low profile tire would do the job temporarilty. Please give me any info.

Where do you plan to put it? The battery is where the spare tire should go.

On a long trip I was just going to put it in the trunk. I will use a cargo net to secure it. The book shows where the jack goes next to battery. To run around in, the spare stays home.

Well, your problem is how are you going to know if you have a flat on the front or on the rear, and which spare to carry with you?

Chances are, your car has a posi rear axle.
Putting a spare tire on the rear that isn’t the same exact diameter as the other tire can cause the posi to burn out.

That’s not good.

The front tires and the rear tires are off by .1 inches, so you can’t even use a front tire on the rear, safely.

Just get a good towing and road hazard warranty on your current tires, and hope you don’t get a flat.


If your front and rear tires are different sizes, how do you know which one to get?

Maybe a AAA membership would make more sense than a full-size spare (or two).

Be careful about that. Some cars have a pretty flimsy covering over the spare tire well in the trunk. If you put something as heavy as a 20 inch rim + tire on it, it’ll get bent, and then look bad.

The car comes with a fix-a-flat air compressor which shoots flat repair goo in the tire before inflating it. I’d just go with that, especially considering the mismatched front/rear tires the others have mentioned.

All good info; I do have AAA and the GM we’ll get you plan, guess this old man is just old fashion. I should know better but since the 1LT & 2LT have donuts, (which are smaller I thought a 20" would be okay no matter what size. This is my dream car so I guess I will stick to what it comes with.