200k 2013 civic 600 mile trip

I have a 2013 Honda civic that is a commuter and has 200k plus miles. The car has never missed any scheduled maintenance. It runs smooth and without noises . I’ll be changing the plugs and wires and doing an oil change before hand. I will be driving my two children and dont want to break down, however I understand that theres always that possibility. I am a AAA member .
Any thoughts on the viability of me making this 600 plus mile trip there and back? I appreciate any and all help. -Liv

Go for it.

Even brand new cars break down randomly. Such is life.

Enjoy your trip.


I would be confident with the trip, but @ledhed75 is right. If you are really concerned enough to make yourself anxious, you can rent a car. But a well maintained 2013 with no indications of failure should be good

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Six hundred miles is not much of a trip. Just take it easy and, as mentioned, even new cars can have breakdowns.

Carry your AAA card and a credit card and cell phone.

Our family once made a 7000 mile holiday trip with a 10 year old Buick pulling our camper. Only one problem, a burned out spark plug ire replaced for $15 at that time.

Even a nearly new rental car or even a brand new car can break down. I know from firsthand experience. Your car sounds in good condition and 600 miles isn’t much of a trip distance.

The best way to avoid a breakdown is to take a plane, train, or bus. Then you only have to drive to the pickup point. Those can be expensive, if you are going from, say, Boston to Philadelphia and back, a train might make sense. Still, the train would likely be at least $500 for all three of you, and gas and tolls probably wouldn’t equal that. You really get peace of mind.

If money is a deal breaker, then drive on. Your reward for paying attention to maintenance is confidence that your Civic is unlikely to break down during this trip. Drive on!

car is not ancient but, have you ever had the cooling system serviced? or trans fluid? it does have a timing chain so motor should be ok. driving 20 miles to work everday is easy. sometimes after 400 miles your motor just says enough. or you can go from la to ny and nothing happens. mechanical things break at odd moments

Make sure the tire pressures ar correct before the trip.

… and check the condition of the radiator hoses.


But depending on the train station, airport, or bus depot . . . it can be even more miserable than driving

I don’t know about anybody else . . . but I HATE simply driving to lax. Parking there is even worse :rage:

Don’t do this too close to your trip. If anything is done incorrectly, you want to find that out at home, not on the road.


My Buick had 500,000 miles and I was running 3000 miles a month. The thing about a car used daily on the road is that issues will be spotted right away which reduces the likelihood of surprises. Regular maintenance though, although important, does little to reduce wear on alternators, water pumps, bearings, fuel pumps, ball joints, etc. Maintenance plus inspection at a dealer or non-quick lube will help but no guarantees in life.

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This would be a good time to stick a good fuel system cleaner like Techron in the tank before you take the trip .


And the purpose would be?

Check your AAA coverage - different plans cover different towing allowances. The base plan in Texas only covers towing up to 7 miles.


I have an old car, rationalize a 600 mile trip, it only has to run another 10 hours, hope it makes it. It has in the past. Of course making sure fluid changes and belts and hoses are good comes with the territory.

If you have to ask strangers on the internet, it’s because you don’t trust your car.

If you don’t trust your car, I wouldn’t do it.

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Best way to know - pay a trusted mechanic to inspect it.


I agree. I never had to park at LAX, but I did see the lots off Airport Rd when I used to stay at hotels on Century. I always had a rental car. More than parking, security and getting on or off the plane is a big pain. I prefer the train if I’m going somewhere in the Northeast Corridor. I can park in the garage and walk to the platform in 5 minutes. There is no security checkpoint, I wait for the train and find a seat. The conductor checks my ticket after we are underway. The seats are a lot more comfortable than those on planes. The train ride is usually bumpier than the plane, but weather can change that.

Given what you say, I see no problem with a mere 600 mile trip. If you want to boost the odds in your favor

  • practice changing the tire/spare in your driveway before you go, to make sure you know how to do it in case you get a flat. Make sure the spare is fully inflated, and all the tools you need are there and work. I always carry a 1/2 inch drive 20 inch long breaker bar and socket that matches the lug nuts, can be helpful if the lug nuts are on super-tight & stubborn to remove.

  • do a little googling beforehand and store the telephone number of the police and tow trucks in your cell phone memory , covering the areas you will be driving.

Best of luck and wishing you a fun trip.