200k 2013 civic 600 mile trip

I most certainly believed I’d make it. However the people on this site seem to be quite knowledgeable and if what I was doing was a horrible idea I figured I’d hear about it. I also thought I could learn some tricks and tips( which I indeed have) it all seemed like a risk as everything in life is. But with kids I decided not make the risk higher and went with a rental.

This is wonderful. These are things I didnt know and am so happy to learn . Thank you for taking the time.

Happy everything worked out.

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1st off, Enjoy your Road trip and the boys I’m sure these will be good memories for you and the kids make them while you can…
Other users have provided a great collective information that should help you.

I will try to add a few things that might repeated or not but might be helpful.

  1. Things to check Tires make sure they are in good condition not excessively worn or have nails
    We are basically looking for then to provide a comfortable ride and and traction and grip and then to not break down due to being worn or tire puncture
    Check your spare and make sure your jack and wheel spanner and beaker bar all that other guy said
  2. check your cooling your temp gauge your coolant level and and your Ac just making sure everything is working fine or topping off and washing your radiator with water and degrees or googling it would help
  3. vision : This is your headlights, windscreen back windscreen rearview mirror, Back tail lights, wash them clean them check your wipers. Maybe if you want to make it fun look up water repellent windscreen products like rainex ( 4 to 8 bucks but worth it and you can use it multiple times)
    4 ) Inside the engine bay
    A ) check all your fluids
    B ) check your hoses to see if anything is leaking or cracked
    C ) check your belts to make sure they are not worn or bad.
    D ) Inside: A Good charger, cell phone mount, a blanket, pillow, a flashlight. Some snacks and water with a few extra plastic bags for trash and some hand should come in handy.
    Misc; Maybe a Road map I believe you can get them free from AAA the paper ones your kids can learn how to read them and how to exits and mile markers
    Also a Radar dector and a Waze APP
    If you don’t have a Radar detector then a Waze APP
    I would prefer to get all work done on my car a Week before So you can drive it around town to make sure everything is done good

Enjoy and I wish you the best and safe trip
You can a make in fun by incorporating your 2 children in the activities.
Outside the car; just a wash and a clean car can make for a comfortable drive.

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A nephew and his wife just completed a 2500 mile trip in a 9 year old Yaris to their new home in the West. Carried considerable luggage since the rest of their household goods comes by moving van later.

Trip went effortless and they enjoyed sightseeing along the way.

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I dunno, I remember taking the diesel from Minnesota to Florida pulling a camper which is about 1500 miles one way. I can’t remember how many miles I had but somewhere north of 300,000. I did have enough cash along though to cover any break down or even to replace the dang thing on the way. Never had a problem. I did have a problem at 20,000 though on an 800 mile trip when I got a bad tank of fuel in DesMoines. So I don’t worry much about mileage.

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Illegal in some states…

Thank you so much, everyone has been so wonderful . I have printed the comments and made a checklist (of sorts) that comprises the collective info you have given me. I feel so much more prepared. I’ve learned some time, money and potential life saving tips that have come from years of your experiences. Thank you all for taking time out of your life to share these strategies for a successful trip with me. The kids and I are going to have so much fun (we’ve been saving up for two years for this!)
Be well,
Liv and the kids

If it were me I would change the oil, check the fluids, and not worry about it. If you feel secure about driving the car locally for 600 miles then you should not worry about 600 on the road.

As a mood enhancer, many years ago I bought a tagged, running car for 10 bucks and drove it halfway across the country with no problems. 1500 miles and didn’t even have to add any oil along the way.

A well maintained reliable vehicle like the Civic - I wouldn’t hesitate driving cross country.

With all the talk of trains and planes and towing and triple A memberships, the OP was scared off and renting a car. No need to tear the engine and trans down for inspection to make sure it will go 600 miles. Now I had a rental something or other that never made it across town in Orlando before I had to turn it in for a replacement and another one where the front tire was losing air. So good luck.

It would be wonderful to know How was your road trip,
Hopefully, it was un-eventful and fun

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The OP was scared off and rented a car for the trip.

Seriously ? 600 mile trip , spending money on a rental , two children asking are we there yet for hours and saying stay on your side . If the person is not ready to fitted for a straight jacket then it was a good trip .


It was so wonderful! We had such a lovely trip. We decided to break up the drive and stay in va over night both ways . The kids did great in the car for me. I was really proud especially of the little guy.

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Thank you again for all of your wonderful tips and recommendations.

I’m glad I got the rental, I got a 19 maxima that was super comfy and spacious . I saw a ton of people on I 95 with my make, model, and year civic though … in S.C.I saw one from Ontario. I’m sure my car would have done good but like I said it just wasn’t a risk factor I needed on a trip with one small child and cranky pre teen haha

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Just to point out, that you don’t replace the wires on your civic, its fuel injected and uses ignition coils. Plugs should be replaced at specific mileage intervals, and were probably replaced already if you have been maintaining it. Its not crazy though to have a mechanical inspection done prior to a long trip.
I am sure your Honda would have made the trip and back with no issues. Highway driving is actually less taxing on your vehicle than city driving. However there is something to be said for having more space and comfort on a long drive.

Its just that when you do 3000 or more miles a month, a 3-500 mile trip is just a walk in the park and nothing to get excited about. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen cows though I guess it can be a little intimidating.

@Oliviarose0445_155644. I am glad you got a good rental car. I never get exactly the rental I want. I needed to rent a minivan. When the rental agent asked if a Dodge Caravan was o.k. I said that I preferred a Duke Ellington Caravan. The agent informed me that the Duke Ellington Caravan could only be rented to a Sophisticated Lady. Another time, I rented an SUV. When presented with a Dodge Journey, I said that I wanted a Sentimental Journey. The agent told me that Doris Day had just left with that rental.

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