2009 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen - Diesel particulate filer cost

How much does it cost to clean the particulate filter at the dealership? For a 2009 Jetta TDI.

Since we have no idea where you are located all we can do is guess . If you are talking about the Cabin air filter look in your manual and you might be able to replace it yourself. They are not cleanable items . Otherwise just call your local dealer and ask them the price.

5 hours labor to replace the particulate filter, I don’t know if it can be cleaned.

What’s the filter’s function? Is it the cabin-air-cleaning filter, part of the HVAC system? If so and it takes 5 hours labor to replace, must be designed to last the life of the vehicle and doesn’t need cleaning.

The diesel exhaust particulate filter is part of the exhaust system.

OP, why do you think that part needs to be cleaned? VW’s design engineers apparently didn’t anticipate cleaning and/or replacement would be a routine maintenance item.

If you are asking how much 5 hours of labor costs, one Calif poster here said they paid $265 per hour for dealership labor, think in that case it was a Mercedes dealership. Hourly labor prices vary quite a bit by make of the vehicle and location of the dealership.

The computer uses pressure sensors to monitor the particulate filter, when it becomes restricted, faults are set and the check engine light illuminates.


I think so because the check engine light code said the filter efficiency is below what it should be and needs to be repaired immediately. I did some research and the cost to replace it is high enough where I’d just start looking at new cars. But, also I did some research into it and a lot of car websites say it’s clean-able.

Keep us informed what you find out. We don’t get very many diesel-engine questions here, but it’ll be interesting what the final answer turns out to be.

Can that be done with it still installed on the car? If it has to be removed first, cleaning might not make $$$ sense b/c of the labor fee to remove and reinstall it. I clean my lawnmower’s air intake particulate filter by removing it from the engine, blowing air through it in the reverse direction, works pretty good. Maybe something similar is theortically possible for that filter. Suggest to be careful about EPA regulations, they may not allow tampering with that filter b/c it is part of the emissions package. And the EPA can be very cranky about this sort of thing.

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I went to the dealer and they couldn’t take it in because they are a month and a half behind. Apparently their website scheduling isn’t accurate. Anyway, I asked to speak to a tech because of course my fear was can I drive this without any issues. He assured me that I can drive it. So, that’s what I’m going to do and wait for a real appointment. Thanks for your help.

I helped design and test this diesel particulate filter pulse cleaner.



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It has a diesel engine and the filter is meant to keep particulate matter out of the high pressure injection system.

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did you ask the dealer for a price on cleaning your DPF? Many can be baked, and it’s possible that blowing pressurized air backwards through your may be enough.

BUT, I warn you against going in and telling them to do that. Asking for an estimate ahead of time is fine, but cleaning may not take care of your concern. This could be a couple different sensors on or near the DPF causing this error code, or even something further upstream. Let them diagnose it and then you decide if it is worth your money to repair.

and yes, a new DPF would be quite pricey.

Also, on many diesel vehicles, some emissions error codes will cause a de-rate of the engine until repairs are made- meaning a loss of power. Not sure on your particular car, but might be something to check into before you rely on this vehicle for the next couple weeks.

hmmm. … so the question appears to be, is OP’s filter that needs cleaning part of the fuel system, or part of the exhaust system?


Have you talked to an independent garage? Maybe one of the many in your area could replace or clean the DPF for less than the dealer and do it long before the dealer can get to you.

The diesel particulate filter is part of the emissions system, to be exact. :slight_smile: It is part of the exhaust system, inline on the exhaust pipes.

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