2009 Toyota Tacoma choices and safety

I recently had my '98 Toyota Tacoma recalled and am now trying to figure out what to get to replace it. The '98 was an extended cab, 4 cyl, manual with a standard bed. It exactly met my needs, except for the RWD. Where I live, ice is more of a problem than snow, and, generally, if the weather is bad, I just avoid going anywhere (live and work on a farm), but it would be nice to feel safer - maybe go out. The 2009 Tacomas come standard with ABS and stability control, plus lots of air bags, etc. Has anybody driven a 2WD truck or car with stability control on ice? How does it do? Any other comments on 2009 Tacomas? Would go with 4cyl, manual, access cab. Thanks!

Your '98 was recalled? For what, and why does that mean it needs to be replaced? Doesn’t your '98 have airbags?

Ice is ice. You should not attempt to drive on ice, especially in a 2WD pickup. Trying to do so is stupid and dangerous, and stability control won’t make any difference.

When there’s ice on the roads, stay where you are until it melts.

Stability control is great, but it’s not capable of creating traction where there isn’t any, and on ice there isn’t any. Stability control and airbags, etc, cannot guarantee your safety. If you venture out on an icy night in a 2009 Tacoma you’re taking your life in your hands. None of these “safety” features will save you.

If you want to buy a new truck, that’s great, the economy needs all the help it can get, but don’t think a new truck will make driving on ice possible. You will still have to stay home when there’s ice on the roads.

Now, if you want to buy a 4WD Tacoma and mount studded winter tires all around, you MAY be able to creep into town at 10 mph on an icy road, but it would still be a huge gamble. Do you really want to crash a brand new truck?