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Tundra versus Tacoma in snow?

Is there a significant difference for 4wd Tundras and Tacomas in snow conditions? My Tundra does well in snow, but I’m thinking of down sizing to to a Tacoma. I would think at least that weight would make a difference.

Generally, what might be the most useful conventional vehicle in heavy to moderate snow conditions? For example, I’m not thinking about a Land Rover. I do have a Forester, and it does pretty well, but the Tundra can really get me out of snow. I have two maybe 200 foot hills to climb out of here. The grade might be 15 to 20%. (Since I have a topo program package, I may just figure out what the grade is.)

You may want to post on a Toyota board. I concur the Tundra will be better based on past experience with a smaller Toyota 4x4 pickup which was ho-hum at best in winter conditions. There is likely a 800-1000 lb weight advantage of a tundra vs tacoma.

Subaru’s(small SUVs & passenger cars) are absolutely superior to anything its peers(except Audi) in conditions you describe.

A 4WD Tacoma will do just fine in snow. If it’s deep enough to get stuck in you shouldn’t be driving anyway.

The Tacoma is a big truck in my opinion and the Tundra is a huge truck. As long as you have good tires for snow on a Tacoma it should be fine and roughly equivalent to the Tundra. The tires will make more of a difference than the difference between these two trucks.

One impressive challenge last winter was when I drove it out of our driveway in 16-18" of snow. 500’ driveway, flat.

In 10" of snow or so, I got up both our two steep hills here. The truck was formerly my son’s. Huge is right. I’m going to give it up. More than I need for general work.

BTW, what Toytoa boards are there? Newsgroups?

Tundra vs Tacoma ???

The absloute usabilty difference is going to be the TIRES.
Put the exact same tires on both trucks, then see.

I had two Explorers , I know of what I speak.
The utility difference in the two identical trucks was the tires.

Ken has it right…The difference is going to be the tires…

If they both have the same tires on them…then they should both handle snow quite well.

I drove Toyota pickup trucks for 27+ years (a '79 and then an '89) in NH. Both were when they were truely compact and both were 2WD. As long as you have good winter tires, some weight in the back, and some common sense you’ll be fine in the 2WD Tacoma…unless you have some extreme situation that you have to deal with. If you do, the 4WD Tacoma will get you anywhere.

What tire would be best for snow, and other seasons?

In my case tire use is calculated for all year 'round…snow, rain, and dry…leaving the one set of tires on for several years running, not changing seasonally.
Under such conditions
I’ve had great success with the recalled Firestone Wilderness A/T, the best all around tires I’ve ever had. I wore out a set and bought a second prior to the recall for my 92 Explorer. ( since replaced by the Firestone Destination A/T, I haven’t owned any of those yet. )
After the recall I tried Goodyear Wrangler at/s and took them off within the week ! Skated dangerously on cold wet asphalt ( snowing, melting on the road surface near freezing ) and the 'stones never did that.
Replaced the G/Y with BFG all-terrain t/a and was quite satisfied with their all around traction although too heavy a tire ( LT series ) for the little Explorer. sold it with the BFG’s on it.

From the recall my wife’s Explorer got Michelin Cross-terrain SUVs. Just a street tire despite it’s name. Hence my post about two identical trucks driving so differently based on tires alone.

Now the 08 Expedition is shod with Michelin LTX AT2 but I still wonder about them for deep snow. they don’t skate on cold wet like the G/Y did but I’ve gotten this truck stuck once already yet never got the Explorer stuck. ( is it the tires or the truck weight ? )

The General Grabber A/T 2 is a good second choice to the BFG All-Terrain t/a for lees $$

I still want my ol ’ 'stones back though.

I’ve got Firestone Destination A/T’s on my 4Runner…used them from -40f to +105f, in snow, on ice, and in the mud. Towing and trailering and jsut about everything else you can imagine, including some light off-roading. I’m very happy with them.