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2013 vs. 2015 Toyota Prius - Which one?

Have a 2005 Prius with 275,000 miles. Ready to get another. There is a used one 2013 with 22,000 miles and a 2015 with 61,000 miles. Both have had regular maintenance and one owner. Which one???

Tough call. Same generation (right?) and neither is the first year of the generation. I’d go for the low-mile Prius and have my mechanic check it out.

Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate your advice. I can’t have my mechanic check it out since I am far away, like at least400 miles. So do you trust the dealer??

There were dealers I trusted, but they have high operating costs. I prefer local service and smaller shops where I know the individual or folks who do the work. In your case, you could look for a local mechanic with good ratings or use the dealer. The local dealr will charge you, but of course they will. I doubt they would ever see a problem and not tell you. No motivation for them to do so. Will their check be comprehensive? I’d say yes. Ask them to read the codes if any. And do the usual check but ask if they can check the health for the traction battery in any way. I’d also read the last few maintenance records. Customer concerns are often listed in the paperwork. A CARFAX report is also one resource (but not the only one).

Yes, I considered getting the dealer’s mechanic to look at it. Would he be honest? Hmm?? But I guess as you said, why wouldn’t he be… maybe his loyalty to the dealer? I dunno… and how can I be sure that an unbiased outside mechanic would be honest? (I guess I just have a bad taste in my mouth for dealerships.)

Thanks for your advice. If you have any other thoughts or ideas… feel free to let me know.


At the top of the website, which is where this conversation is, there’s a red bar and in that there’s a link to “Mechanics Files”. Click that, and follow instructions to get at least a few suggestions of shops that are rated by locals. I works off local zip codes. You can then check with one or a few about an independent appraisal. Shops are open for this sort of thing, and not busy these crazy days.

I’d be prone to buy the low mileage Prius. The higher has been used more and who knows how? Just my gut feeling that the older one was driven by a cautious person who may well have followed factory maintenance guidelines.

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That 2013 has only been driven a bit over 3000 miles/year, that’s low. It might be bad for the big battery. I’d post this question on a couple of Prius forums, they might have some advice.

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The Toyota Prius Owner’s club on FB is a great group. They may have a suggested shop if you tell the group where you need it. Wentwest also has a great suggestion in his comment.

Thank you! Good info to know. I asked the guy (internet salesperson) with whom I am dealing …why there were so few miles. He said it was owned by an elderly couple who used it to run errands weekly. However, they. had it serviced regularly at the dealership. The car looks like it in excellent condition. He sent a video of inside and out.

Any way from the service records if you can tell it was driven regularly? I’d want to know it didn’t sit mostly parked for the last few years.

We’ve all driven behind those folks in their Prius, and they’ve made us crazy with their “careful” driving. It’s likely the tires are pretty old, maybe even original. Tires have a date code stamped onto their sidewalls and you should ask what they are, all 4. If they are original I’d see if I could get the dealer to replace them as part of a “deal”.

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The salesman said they used it weekly to go buy groceries and run errands.

As if he would really know that to be a true fact.

Yes… that’s what I thought… unless he talked to them or knows them personally!

I would like to talk to the former owners!

To me, it makes more sense to get a car that is 2 years newer and has been driven. The other one I am considering is a 2015 with 61,000 miles on it.

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That’s completely your choice. You asked our opinions, I gave you mine, but I’m not the one buying a car.

Do you know the dates and miles for maintenance? That will tell you how much it had been driven each year.

Thank you for your response

I consider all advise and opinions. I appreciate yours as well as others.

If you drive a lot of miles a year, I would get the one with less miles. if you drive less than 10000 a year I would get the newer one.

Thank you!!!