2009 toyota matrix wires

My girlfriend has a 2009 toyota matrix and, a dog chewed through all the wires under the driver seat. Anyone know what they do or how to fix it?

Some of them are very important, and some of them maybe not so much. Some of them will be for your seat belt warning system and airbag system. If you have warning lights on in the dash, they will tell the story. Others will be for accessories such as power seats, seat heaters, and the like. If you are not an automotive electrician, you should probably take this car to one. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get a replacement wiring harness which will easily plug in and be done with it.

Thanks so far the Airbag light, the maintenance required light are on and the AC inverter doesn’t work. I do telephone repair on low voltage but this might be a bit too much for me.

I strongly recommend having a pro do this one because the airbag system is involved. Those have to work properly, and working on the wiring for that system is a little dangerous for the average Joe, not because of the current, but because of the possibility, slim as it is, of accidentally setting one (or more) of them off.

If this gets expensive, you might want to find out if it’s covered by your auto insurance.

Sounds like a job for the dealer.

Since it is a 2009, I agree with Goldwing and say let the dealer fix this. The wiring harness can be replaced and the modules tested. This is in order to keep your warranty in effect. If this harness is fixed by an independent, and the dealer finds that out, they may deny future warranty repairs.