2017 Chevrolet Equinox - Airbag issue

Airbag harness under drivers seat dealership rewarded it and soadered wires 6 weeks ago now airbag signal going off again now they said problem in back of seat? Only has 39,000 miles on it is a 2017 equinox. Do I replace the whole harness? Or trade it in?

Your dealer should cover this repair, unless you were responsible for the damage to the wiring harness.


Back the trolley up. Why did the dealer work on the air bag? Was the car in a flood, accident, damaged by vandalism or ??? There is no need to re wire (not rewarded) and solder (not soadered) wires unless they have been damaged.

What happened to cause you to take the car to the dealer to repair the air bag?


The sensor warning light came on that’s all and they put it on their tester and said it was the under the seat harness

They will only co er the la or want to chg
E again $330 already paid $350 6 weeks ago now they say it’s the harness in the back of the seat ?

If I understand this, they covered the labor and you paid for the parts. What parts are involved in a wiring repair? Wiring repairs are usually just labor unless there is a pigtail harness needed.

Your argument with the dealer is that the wiring repair failed, the seat harness should have been replaced on the first visit.


$350. verses payments on a new vehicle, I know what I would do. But that decision is up to you.


I think that it’s way too premature to dump a 2017 model with low miles over a problem like this.

Several points. You were already asked but for the sake of repetition…
Was the harness damage due to rodents, accident, or simply a loose harness getting caught in the seat track?

I’m surprised someone at the dealer level would use solder and a splice job rather than replace the harness. Especially when it comes to the airbags. Seems to me a huge potential liability issue.