2009 Toyota Corolla starts and shuts off

Found out that my corolla 2009 starts and off almost immediately, what could cause this?. I have changed furl pump, checked spark plug and coil but still the same problem

Do you mean it starts up and then immediately dies/cuts off?

Maybe the ignition switch is not supplying power to the ignition system in the Run position.

Thank you, please what is the solution now?


One way is to use a schematic diagram of the ignition system and find a suitable place to connect a voltmeter or a test light. That place could be under the hood or at the ignition switch and the choice depends on ease of access.Then turn the key to Run or On and see if voltage is getting to the ignition system. That connection, from battery to ignition, goes through the ignition switch

You say the car starts (which means all systems are working in Start position) but then quits. I assume it quits when you release the key and it moves to Run position. That’s why the ignition switch is suspect.

If you can give more detail about just when it starts and just when it quits it will help. Does it quit immediately when you release the key?

If you know you have good fuel pressure, air, and spark, then the problem likely lies elsewhere. Knowing what I know about ignition switches, I wouldn’t put my money there. I don’t believe it’s the key itself (chipped anti theft), as it generally never allows fuel delivery.

I’m feeling a bad crank or cam position sensor, or faulty ecu. I would love to hear what the culprit was when it’s fixed.

  • Ignition switch
  • Fuel pressure problem (for example fuel pressure regulator)
  • Ignition module
  • Crank/cam position sensors
  • Clogged exhaust system
  • Battery/alternator problem

Suggest to focus on determining if the cause is a spark or fuel problem first. And check the fuses in the passenger compartment and the engine compartment.

I like clogged exhaust too. Samuel, look at the back of the car. If there’s a banana in your tailpipe, that’s probably the culprit :slight_smile: