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2009 Toyota Camry - why more dash warning lights?

I love my 2009 Camry SE. When I recently had it in for routine maintenance, the dealership was telling me it’s one of the last models to have alot of warning lights in the dash (for example, if a headlight is out). With modern technology, why would they eliminate warning lights, when in fact they should be adding more?

There are more warnings on the later Camry’s than on yours. They may be delivered not with a light but a message on a driver info display, but there are more warnings, not less.

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One of the problems with warning indicators is that the circuitry and software which performs that function can fail, and result in issuing an ill-advised warning when in fact there is no problem. False positive in other words. This causes the customer to come into the dealership and/or phone , which takes time away from them servicing the customers who actually require service. And it makes the customer with a faulty warning upset at the dealership too, b/c it is wasting their time dealing with a non-existent problem. Albert Einstein the famous physicist said that things should be designed to be as simple as possible, but no simpler. That’s probably the principle the car companies try to achieve, but not always successfully. Moving the multiple warning lights to a computer display seems like it is in the right direction anyway.