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2009 Toyota Camry - power loss after alternator change

Have had to replace the alternator and the battery in my 2009 Camry, and 2 weeks later and it losting power again.

you paid a shop to change those parts? do they warranty their work? if you cant crank motor to start it kinda sounds like the battery is not being charged. but thats a wild guess

You may have gotten a defective alternator or battery even if it was new. It happens!!!

Did you replace those yourself???

Time to take it somewhere to get the charging system checked and battery tested.


Please explain what you mean by “losing power”.

Does the car have an aftermarket sound, remote start, or security system?


when I would crank,it the lights would flashand it would sound like it wasn’t going to start, then start. I found the problem was the battery, had to upgrade to 600 cranking amp. battery…

there you go. its that simple. your new battery from 2 weeks ago was undersized. why was that?
which kinda means, it works today? how about in 2 weeks?

The Camry’s starting requirements are rather modest. I doubt the battery, despite being “undersized”, would die in 2 weeks if everything else was working properly. More details, please. Are you saying another new battery fixed the problem? Was the car checked for a parasitic battery drain?

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