2008 Toyota Camry intermittent brake/ABS lights

I have a toyota camry 2008 V6. I have a problem that happens intermittenly. The ‘Brake’ light and ‘ABS’ light would turn on, the speedometer, RPM, and temperature gauge would not work. Whatis the problems? The car would run fine. Is it dangerous if i continue to drive?

Don’t you think that would be dangerous to drive with a fault in the brake and ABS systems? I sure do. Find out WHY they are turning on first. Is the brake fluid low? That will turn the ABS light on, too. And why is it low? Leaks maybe? Take it in for service now, not later, now, because neither of us KNOW if the car is safe to drive until the brakes are checked.

Please, your life might depend on it.

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