2009 Suburu Forester Temperature light comes on

I have 2009 Suburu Forester with 45000 miles on it. The temperature light has started coming on when I first start it and it goes off after about 60 seconds. I have checked the fluid in the radiator and it is adequate. Can you tell me what to do to fix it?

Are you sure it needs to be fixed? On many cars lights cycle on for a time at start to verify the light is working. It also could be indicating a cold engine.

Check out your owners manual about that light and how it should operate. If you do not have the manual sign up for my.subaru.com and a pdf version is available.

Lame they took away the gauge.

Even if you have put 45k miles on a 1 year old Forester, the Powertrain Warranty should still be in effect. I strongly suggest that you have the dealer check the temperature sensor and the cooling system in order to determine if anything that is covered by warranty is causing this situation.

Why not at least try to get free repairs under the terms of the warranty?

Not sure it just seems strange that it stays on for so long. Thank you for your response;-)

Thanks for the suggestion. I will drop it off asap. Wish it had a gauge instead of a light!