Should I buy a 2009 outback sport?

Recently I’ve looked into buying a very clean 2009 outback sport with 145k miles from an older gentleman who seems to have taken good care of it. 1 owner, Oil change every 3 months, timing belt replaced at 80k miles and a handful of inspections within the last 70k miles. Are they good cars ? Anything I should watch out for when it comes to these vehicles?

Why is the last owner selling it? Too many mechanical issues or he wants to get something newer or he is unable to drive anymore.Obviously, he won’t tell you everything.If you decide on this one,get it inspected by a good independant mechanic.
The 2009 subaru outback has a good track record according to

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Good cars ? Some are and some are not depending on past service or treatment. What to watch for ? The same signs as any used vehicle that should be taken car of. Any used vehicle is a gamble . You also might be looking at a timing belt soon plus other service items in the owners manual list. You do know that service is listed as xxxx miles or xx months don’t you .