Several problems with my 2010 Subaru Tribeca

I have a 2010 Subaru Tribeca Limited with 90k miles, the first issue is when i go over speed bumps it feels like my right passenger side wheel hits the wheel well everytime making a large thump noise as if something broke, and when i brake before it comes to a stop it jerks really hard as if the transmission is slipping? Also my keys don’t work no matter how many times i replace them, and when i sift into reverse the transmission makes a very loud mechanical jerk noise like it was stuck, also my wheels get stuck in place from time to time, anybody else with these issues that has an answer? Also all this has been happening since the car was purchased in 2010 beside the keys not working.

So, this has been doing this since the day you bought it NINE years ago!

Just reading your post as if it was mine. And if it was I would be on my way to trade this thing in because that list sounds like a lot of money and frustration that I don’t want to spend or put up with.

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Yes, the car was purchased by the family, I was given the car at 60k miles

@cdaquila How does one person have two first time posts ?

I agree with Volvo_V70. Trading it in would be my solution.
If you wish to keep the car, go to mechanic files at the top of Cartalk to see if there is an independent mechanic near you, also check yelp. The suspension should be looked at.
Too late now, but this vehicle sounds like it was a candidate for replacement/refund 9 years ago.

The exact same thing i was thinking, I don’t want to waste money putting it into this, all the issues it has just sounds expensive, Subaru wants me to buy a new key fob “Not even knowing if that is even the issue” since i been replacing the battery and it still works when it wants, that’s a good 300 bucks for a new key.

All I can say is good luck.

Thank you for the help, i needed to hear from others about it before i decide what i’m going to do

I had a friend that bought one new. They had to replace the trans before 100k. I heard these had transmission problems. They didn’t have any problems after that and they sold it with about 130k and they said that person is still driving it with no problems.

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Which is what i want to avoid, i find it a complete waste of a few thousand on a new transmission, thank you for the response!