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2009 Subaru Tribeca - Blown Engine

I have a blown engine in a 2009 Tribeca limited, 170,000 miles. Interior is in very good condition- all leather. The body has small scratches and 2 very small dents. I’d like to find someone interested in buying it to get it running again OR anyone who has a 3.6L engine that I can buy from them, preferably with fairly low mileage.

I would suggest you first go to kb .com and to find out what a Tribeca with your mileage in good codition is worth as a private sale. Next, call local independent auto shops and ask them what it would cost to install a used or a remanufactured engine. Compare those 2 numbers. If the value of the car minus the cost of the replacement engine is less than $1500 I would suggest selling the car to a local junkyard. They will tow it for free. You might get $1000.

If the value is greater than $1500, I would suggest you install the used or replacement engine.

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