2009 Subaru Outback

I don’t rotate the tires on my 99 Ford Contour-just replace when they are worn.

I have a new Subaru Outback 2009 and the dealer says to rotate every other oil change because it is all wheel drive.Is this necessary?

Yes, because it is all wheel drive.

I agree. I think you’ll find this recommended in the owners’ manual too. The reason is that this AWD system cane be damaged if the tires are not close to the same rolling diameter. The manual should explain further.

Actually, the maintenance info that you are looking for is in a separate booklet, titled Subaru Warranty & Maintenance Information–or something to that effect. (Most manufacturers have this info in the Owner’s Manual, but Subaru puts it in a separate booklet.) I strongly suggest that you follow the maintenance schedule carefully, and note that it includes the requirement for tire rotation every 7,500 miles.

The Owner’s Manual may have some verbiage on the reasons for this, which are all related to the necessity of having very closely-matched tires. If you don’t rotate the tires on a regular basis in order to equalize wear, you will wind up with very expensive repairs that would not be covered by warranty.

Yes, tire rotation is necessary, and very important, with Subaru’s AWD system.

Plan on buying tires for this car is sets of four only. You can’t just replace two.

I thought that it was only the older Subarus that you had to replace all tires if one blew. It is definitely the case with my 98.

Yes rotate them but I found on my similar car (2005 Legacy wagon) that I can get away rotating every 12k-15k miles and maintain even wear. I think is variables on lots of conditions. My great Subaru specialist measures them around(circumference) and asseses whether needed to rotate them.

every other oil changed if q 5k miles thats 10k miles if 7500k then its 14k,i read about subaru’s awd that not doing proper rotations will damaged awd,especially using
wrong size of tires,rims? i have regular car fwd-once a year about 9k miles.i quess
a little investment on tire rotation save big bucks when awd damage.

I’ll never remember that. But thanks for the clarification anyway. It’s important to at least send prople to the right books. I always assume that they’ll take out their manufacturer-supplied packet and look at everything, but I suppose if they were so inclined they would not have had to post to begin with.

Happy holidays my friend.