2009 Subaru Legacy - Thoughts?

So I’m looking to buy this car and it will be my first car. I’m just curious on how its been running for you all. The car I’m looking to buy has 90k miles on it. Its had three owners, each had it for 3 years. Looks like its been taken care of by its CarFax report. Just a little nervous on pulling the trigger since it will be my first car.

Here is a step by step guide to help you feel better about a used car purchase.

Others have been happy campers but I no longer trust Subaru due to head gasket issues, CVT transmissions, and bad front seats. Don’t what that model has though but check the front seats for fit and have the engine and transmission looked at by a trusted mechanic.

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Agree! I would never make a Subaru my first car.

Before writing any checks, see what Consumer Reports has to say in its Used Car Guide. For an 09 You may have to find a back issue, like at the local library. And hire your own mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection. I’d say if it is a non-turbo, manual transmission version and reasonable miles on the clock, should make for a good first car. Probably ok w/an automatic too, but expect it to be more problematic than the manual, so budget for that.

Beyond that, the air bags are a problem an most all cars, not much you can do about that. Ask your mechanic as part of a pre-purchase inspection to check for signs of brake line corrosion. Also radiator cap clogs, navigation system screen freezes, melting dashboard, oil pressure switch, all seem to be minor problems. Either the 4 or 6 should be ok. Many here seem to prefer the 6. Suggest to avoid the turbo engine version. You’ll likely have fewer problems with the manual than the automatic transmission.

My brother has a 2006 Legacy Wagon non-turbo 4 manual that he’s owned since new. It’s been well looked after by his local independent Subaru guru’s since day one and it hasn’t let him down once.

This shop told him to by the Subaru instead of all the Audi’s he asked them about. Have any prospects looked at by your closest Subaru shop and you’ll have a better shot at buying a good car.

What is the asking price?

What are you basing this on?? Granted I’ve never had an airbag affected by the Takata Airbag recall, but I’ve also never had a problem with them (ie the airbag light coming on) and the only accident I was ever in that needed them to deploy they deployed correctly and helped my father and I when some punk teenager in a jacked up truck decided not to look before turning left and t-boned us which redirected us into the traffic light pole…

I meant there’s a recall service bulletin for the airbags. No disagreement that they serve an important safety function.

Thanks for the advice, its a nonturbo car and I plan on getting it inspected. I’ll ask about those problems!

6,950 with 90k miles

can you get a 09 camry or accord w/90k miles for $7k?