2009 Subaru Forester propeller shafts

I have a 2009 forester with very low mileage,49000 . The propeller shaft with the center bearing , was replaced at 34,000 miles. After taking the car in for a passenger side airbag recall, I was told the same shaft was worn and again needed to be replaced, after only 16,000 miles. Subaru stated the $950 repair was not covered. After numerous calls to Subaru of America they offered $500 as a courtesy. It seems this item is a common problem. Is it a poor design , faulty engineering or just another mega company passing the buck. Any suggestions on a recourse.

Take the $500 Subaru is offering, fix the car for the extra $450 and hang a For Sale sign on the car.

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You are beyond warranty on this car, so find an independent mechanic to take a look and see if this propeller shaft really needs to be replaced.

It may need to be replaced, but the independent will charge 1/2 the dealer charges.


What were/are the symptoms? I disagree that prop shafts are a chronic problem.

Any chance those guys never replaced it the first time?

I’m surprised they even offered anything.