Time to junk my Subaru?

My 1999 Subaru Forester with 195000 miles crapped out on the freeway.

I’m not exactly sure what the mechanic said - but something like Drive shaft broke loose and took out the shifter, linkage to shift, o2 sensor and wires.

The repair bill is $1400. The shop couldn’t find a used shifter assembly so they had to quote a pricey new one from the manufacturer.

I have a limited car budget right now around $6000( daughter in college).

Now my husband is talking about repairing the car and keeping for the college age daughter. His friend would do repairs for some extra cash - I’m not crazy about that idea. This friend has done struts on this car before with mixed results.

Also - there are other problems with this car that I already know about but haven’t bothered to fix yet - front rotors and brakes, some body dents, starting rust around the windshield.

I can’t address the capabilities of the friend. We all have had mixed results from time to time.

One piece of information is missing. How much would the repairs cost with his friend doing/helping? If he can reduce the total cost, I would say the repair would be a winner.

Frankly I am a little suspicious that this car is suffering from neglect. All those little things that get put off and not fixed, tend to get more expensive the longer you wait. Maintenance and quick repairs are far cheaper than procrastination and neglect.

If it were me, I’d put it on Craigslist with a complete description, take whatever money you get and the remainder of your budget and get the best you can find. Nothing about your friend’s lack of success or the other problems with the car would make me want to give that car to my daughter.

That is a pretty unusual thing to happen to those cars. Sorry to hear about that.

If you sold the car as-is I would think you could get enough money for it to put a down payment on a decent used car and make some payments on it. If you can afford to do that. That way you could keep the cash in the bank if in case you need it for something urgent.

Based on the information supplied, and a bit gleaned from reading between the lines, I’d say it’s time to give up on this one and move on.

Drive shafts usually give some warning before “breaking loose.” I suspect the warning was ignored, along with some other things. This car could quickly become a money pit.

This car is not going to last forever however $1400+brakes(probably $200-$300) will get you another year or so.

$6000 is just above bare minimum($5000) to get a decent average used car in good order and with life left. Good luck