2009 Subaru Forester - HVAC question

I bought a Subaru Forester it’s a2009 making payments. Well the AC unit blows cold air out the passenger side but heat out drivers side the dealership said it not their problem. What can I do? I’m lost.

Sound’s like a under the dash blend door problem you need to find a good independent shop in your area and forget about the dealer, They will be much lower in cost also.

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Better check the valve cover gasket while it’s in. And does that model need a timing belt?

You bought car at dealer and think they should fix it as part of deal? Or you offered to pay and they don’t want to look at it?

Take it to a good independent mechanic, ask them to diagnose it, then pay the diagnostic fee and be prepared for the repair, which you will have to pay for since the car is out of warranty.

Dis you buy this car without a warranty or is the dealer saying the warranty does not cover A/C?