2014 Subaru Forester AC trouble

Hi my 2014 Subaru Forester is have AC problems. When I am going slower the AC is warm but when I am moving faster like on the highway it gets cold. I can hear something trying to turn on when I am moving slower. Anybody have this problem and know what it is?

I am sure someone else has had this problem but it really does not matter . You do and AC problems are not really do it yourself items so a shop is required.

I have a Forester that same generation (2016). My AC stopped blowing cold last year and the dealer purged the coolant and refilled it, solving the problem (at least for now). I don’t think this is a DIY type of repair for your car unfortunately.

The coolant, or the refrigerant?

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A 2014 patially working A.C. is worth fixing right. By right I mean having it professionally repaired. If it was an old clunker, I would consider adding some refrigerant on my own, with the understanding that I am risking damaging the A.C. permanently.

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My 2014 forester has had a consistent slow leak since new. I’ve been performing evacuation and recharge every other year. I am an a/c tech so this minor inconvenience doesn’t really bother me. I suspect the leak is at the plastic cap that covers the dessicant bag in the condenser. My signal that it’s due for its recharge is that the air from the left middle dash vent is warmer than the right middle vent. I perform the recharge and it’s cold as ice for next 2 years. I suggest you leave this job to the pros. You may or may not have a different problem.