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2009 sentra stalls at idle when starting

starts but stalls almost immediately…had a code for running lean…cleaned MAF…good for a few weeks…
now worse…starts then dies…gave it some pedal and it stayed running but idled (roughly…bouncing around between 900 and 1k…or so)…got the check light to come on again and going back down to check the code…
this is a 2009 with only 92k miles on it…there are no untoward noises coming from the engine or exhaust…will post code in a few minutes…thanks for any help…it’s greatly appreciated…

Try cleaning the electronic throttle body.

The throttle body is what controls the engines idle speed.


ok, now i’ve got a p0300…random misfire…car was running fine yesterday…hmmm…
so, still to the throttle body then?


Because you’re having idling issues.

Remove the intake duct from the throttle body.

Have a helper get in the car, turn the ignition on so the dash lights come on, and push the accelerator pedal to the floor. This will open the throttle plate.

Take throttle body cleaner and a small brush to clean the throttle body/throttle plate.

I use an old battery operated toothbrush for scrubbing.


I’ll give that a try…seems like hope after all…if this does the trick i’ll scream…off to the store for some cleaner

Inspect the air intake tube between the air cleaner and throttle body for leaks, any leaks can cause fuel system lean faults and stalling.

in the process i discovered, lo and behold…the intake tube had 2 large breaks in it…held it together with my hands and the idle smoothed out instantly…problem solved…couldn’t see the cracks 'cause they were on the bottom…hah…cleaned the throttle body even tho it wasn’t hardly dirty at all…

that was it! soon as i began to take it off i felt the cracks…thanks!

Good for you. Thanks for letting us know the final outcome. Modern electronic fuel injected engines are very finicky about being air-tight all the way from the air cleaner box to the end of the tailpipe. Any leaks, they get cranky, as you’ve discovered.