2004 Nissan Sentra stall's when I put it in Drive?



My Nissan idle’s fine when in Park, but it stall’s when I put it in Drive or Reverse???


The problem might be caused from a dirty electronic throttle body.

The electronic throttle body controls the engines’ idle speed under all conditions.



Clean the throttle body and IACV (idle air control valve), if it has one.


Most likely culprit is described above. But there are numerous other possibilities. Any other symptoms than this? Does it feel a little more underpowered than before? Especially noticed when accelerating? Some engine/transmission shaking noticed at idle in neutral or in D when pulling away from a stop sign? That might be some misfiring starting to happen. A shop could check the ignition system function for that, and would check the computer’s memory for mixture codes indicating an abnormally lean or rich mixture. Engine/transmission mount problems can sometime cause this too.


It starts to die as soon as I put it in Drive. I have to keep my foot on the brake and accelerator to keep it form dying and it has very little power at all.


From what I understand there’s not much power in the 0-15 mph range. But what about in the 15 mph to 50 mph range? Does it seem to lack power there too?


I have been afraid to drive it too far from my house because it keeps wanting to die on me so I have not even attempted more than 15 miles per hour.


I will try that, thanks.


Nissan’s typically have sensor issues. I would have a mechanic verify the crank position, etc. My friend had constant issues with her altima because of a crank sensor that failed every 3 months, etc