2009 Prius Suspension Recommended Replacements

Got a recommendation from a shop that I do not trust (I am out of town for the medium term) to replace the struts, the lower control arms, and the strut assembly based on the photos below. The handling does not feel bad to me and it does not bounce. It is a 2009 Prius, and I am hesitant to spend on it unless my safety is at stake.

Any thoughts from these photos?

If the car handles fine and there’s no unusual noises from the steering/suspension, there’s no immediate need to have the service performed.



The only things I see are a torn boot on the strut, which might eventually let dirt wear out the strut seal, and a torn boot on an anti-sway bar link, that might eventually make that joint wear out faster. Like @Tester said, if it drives fine, no noises/clunks, then hold off at least until you can have shop you trust look at it.


Agree with both previous advice.

The strut is NOT leaking so 90% sure it still works fine. The torn bellows (boot) should be replaced because as @texases said, lets dirt get to the seal and may cause a leak later. But is is safe to drive.

I can’t really see the control arm but based on the general lack of rust, you should be OK.

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Concur w/above posters, I’m not seeing any obvious safety problems in the photos. But the safety issue can only be assessed by a shop tech doing a visual inspection with the car on their lift, often requires prying on the parts to inspect for untoward play. In any event, suggest to anticipate a car repair fee hitting your budget in the not too distant future. Wearing parts, so needing to service them is not at all unusual for a 14 year old car.

One idea, get a second opinion, but from a shop you trust better. Ask friends/coworkers in your current location for a personal recommendation which shops in that area they use for their cars.

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The boot might look torn and worn out but they can still work just fine.

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