2009 Pontiac Vibe - Looking To Replace

I have been driving a 2009 Pontiac Vibe. I love the car, but it is time sell. Looking for recommendations on a similar, reliable vehicle, 2014-17 range.

There are so many vehicles that might meet your criteria but having some one say a used vehicle of any brand is reliable is next to impossible. Besides with better loan rates and bumper to bumper warranty their are many vehicles new that are similar to the Vibe.
Just start looking at the many vehicle selling sites and also the new vehicle web sites and make your own list of things you might like.

How about a Mazda 3 or Honda HR-V

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The Scion IM is known as a corolla hatchback in other markets. First offered here for 2016 If i remember correctly. Later sold as the Corolla iM until the new Toyota Corolla hatchback was released.

The HRV or the Toyota CH-R would be worth a look as well.

I replaced my 2006 Matrix with a 2017 Hyundai Tucson after a hit-and-run driver totaled it last year.
Only downside is it gets about 3 mpg less than the smaller, 600lb lighter car.
It doesn’t come with a stickshift, but my left foot reached the age where it was time to give that up.
Don’t miss feeling a bit panicked after an hour in stop and go traffic.
I got the base model with the reliable conventional auto and FWD.
I crave simplicity but I’m liking some things the Matrix (also the base model) didn’t have.
Power side mirror adjustment, TPMS, ABS, USB input to sound system.
The info screen is small, but that’s OK since I’ve never had one before; and don’t want a distraction.
The cargo area is slightly bigger, much more back seat room, less road noise.
Been trouble free for the 14 months I’ve had it, but I’ve driven it only 4500 miles.