2009 Pontiac Vibe GT 2009

Hey all, Hope you can help!!!

Our car is making weird noises and I just moved to a new area and got definite wrong answers from local shops and they charged me $50-$100 each to tell me different things, all overly priced, all definitely wrong!

If anyone has any idea right off the bat what is up here I would appreciate it! I apologize for the odd edit, but I also just got a new phone! I did my best! Its only 5 minutes and you can watch it all in beautiful HD right here: https://youtu.be/-dwaXht-qW8

Most likely going to sell this car soon, but my wife needs it for a few more weeks and if it is a reasonable repair, I will try to do it myself possibly (I am excellent at utilizing youtube videos!) Thanks so much!

Don’t withhold information if you want use to help you. Tell us what the local shops - the ones that can SEE and HEAR and TOUCH the car told you. Tell us how many miles on this car and what transmission it has. Tell us why you think their assesments are wrong. Lastly, tell us what you think the problem is.

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He must not want help, his video has already been removed by user

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The video was up when I just checked it. If the noise is coming from the rear half of the car I would check the heat shields along the exhaust system. Something sounds loose. I can’t tell from the video from which direction the noise is coming.

This seems to be a repeat thread.

I live in NC. I essentially was told at multiple AAA service centers just what they got from a car fax report via my vin. I never could verify if my car went on the lift.

The issue is I inherited this car and I have documentation that my parent got most of the things they prescribed the noise to like belts and other expensive stuff, is legitimately fresh in the car installed right only months ago at a local Firestone in PA (and prior to that it was well maintained, just not all of it got onto carfax but I got a stack of papers.

So… This work was then verified by the second AAA after I asked for $ back on the car inspection. These ppl also said they looked at and addressed the sound by saying “try an oil change” and I had to go at the point in the day (and AAA were over priced), so I took the car eventually to what was a NC specific chain that while it reports to give the car a multi point inspection with the cost of an oil change and I also got new air filters and trans fluid change, they actually were a bit confused when I was trying to use them to address the issue? They said come back if the oil and trans change isn’t it, but I realized I went to a place that does assembly line oil changes and not much more. Hence my being here! (Well in Raleigh near my wife’s work I stopped at some slummy kinda shady shops and car dealers who had weirdly mixed reviews on the internet, yet I literally was going to offer money to just use a lift. I am currently in a legal dispute with a chain of dealers here because of a incredibly fraudulent sale of a car that happened shortly after they essentially said they would look at it and after said I had to spend even more than AAA… I’ll later report who they are if they don’t settle.

It’s also 200k miles, was fine for months and wife loved it, it honestly was super well maintained, in every 2-3 months for maintenance. I think it was up north, so yeah, salt and rust. It’s such a low car too it’s tough to get under. I’d honestly rather try to get this done as cheaply as possible and let my wife trade this in? She wants a more modern hybrid and I actually took this car as a favor to my sibling who struggled after my family’s loss because she then took our second car.

A lot going on here! Sorry I’m writing so much and sorry I didn’t reply!!! I didn’t see this until now and I’m not sure if or how I double posted…? YouTube link now working again too.

AAA, a network of used car dealers who work out of Raleigh with acronyms of their name (to name a major one) that force sales of cars (that AAA also fit $75 played, lost $4000 here), and then this place with like kitschy oil cans on the roof (they ultimately just weren’t really able to diagnosis it

200k miles. Well maintained, yet was in PA, so snowy north up until last fall 2018. Guy up there who I normally trust said it was I’m great shape? But then this started weeks ago)

You typed a LOT of words and only answered one any of my questions. Sorry, I can’t help you.

You want to get it fixed so you can trade it in, They’re only going to give you a max of $1500 trade in on this car, why bother fixing it.